Saturday, March 16, 2013

First delve into having a blog

I've never had a blog before.  Though I make posts on Facebook and Twitter, depending on what I have to say, I've never bothered having a blog before.  Not looking to go crazy or anything, just a place to post my thoughts on tech or maybe other things.  A little about me, I am a Chief Electronics Technician in the Navy, currently approaching 19 years.  I am happily married with 4 kids (All teenagers, Yikes).  I am not a fanboy of anything in particular, though I have typically been an Android or Microsoft guy.  I've played on the Apple side once or twice, though great products, they are not for me.  However I have recommended Apple products to some of my friends and family.  If for some crazy reason some of you read my posts, understand they are my view on things meant to spark an interesting conversation, or maybe learn something new.  This is not designed to spark Fanboy/Fangirl wars, or go into being mean.  I look forward to conversations.  Either way, I am new at this, so be gentle ;-).

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